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9 Evenings Films at SIFFX Works by Robert Whitman, Yvonne Rainer, and Steve Paxton are featured in SIFFX premiere

When “9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering” happened in 1966, there was a good amount of documentary footage. Some of that was subsequently released, most famously in the DVD release of Robert Rauschenberg’s Open Score. But a lot of it was unfinished until recently.

SIFFX, the new media festival within the Seattle International Film Festival, will be premiering three of those recently completed documentaries. Directed by Barbro Schultz Lundestam and produced by Julie Martin, the films were brought to Seattle by 9e2 stalwart and media historian Robin Oppenheimer. Providing a historical background to today’s work in new media, the three films highlighting the 1966 “9 Evenings” work of Robert Whitman, Yvonne Rainer, and Steve Paxton. You can get background information on each of the three individual performances at the 9e2 history page. Click the thumbnails to access the individual histories.

The three films are showing at the SIFF Film Center in the Seattle Center’s Northwest Rooms, on Friday June 3 at 2 pm. Here is where to get tickets. And there’s a panel discussion at 10:30 Friday morning, “What’s Old is New,” which will, as Robin puts it, “give an overview of 60s art and technology ideas and artists (Expanded Cinema, Intermedia, VanderBeek) that give context to the 9 Evenings and VR.” The whole SIFFX festival has a lot of overlap with 9e2. Also check out Robin’s panel discussion Feminism 360°, about questions of feminism in the growing world of VR, on Saturday morning, June 4.


Electric Sky Art Weekend June 16-19, 2016

Check out the second Electric Sky, an art and tech weekend campathon June 16-19, 2016, bringing together artists, technologists, designers, hackers, makers, and friends to collaboratively engage with the environment in new and exciting ways. Electric Sky is a cross between an artists’ retreat and a hackathon, where you’ll spend several days in the woods, on the river, in our outdoor creativity lab, making stuff with people like you. You may arrive with well-developed ideas and half-finished projects, or you may arrive with no idea what you want to do but are game to jump in on a collaborative project.


Tamiko Thiel Exhibit

Augmented reality in the International District View Work by Artists Tamiko and Midori Thiel

“Brush the Sky,” is “a calligraphic family narrative, written onto the Seattle skies.” The exhibit at Wing Luke Museum in Seattle closes on April 17, but will be featured at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Seattle Center, April 22 through 24. The project includes augmented reality by artist Tamiko Thiel, visible on smart phones, of family history sites around the International District and around Seattle. These views include Japanese calligraphy by master calligrapher Midori Kono Thiel, Tamiko’s mother, and will be on permanent exhibit around the city.

We’re looking to remount Tamiko and Midori’s work as part of 9e2. Stay tuned for updates on that.


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